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IV. Executive summary
Purpose of the report
The purpose of the report is firstly, to give an introduction of the satellite company described in the case and the concept of business ethics which are of great importance in today’s business world. Secondly, we will analyze the case presenting two alternatives which could lead to different behaviors and outcomes. Finally, we will provide a recommendation how the key person should act in the described situation from our point of view.

Analysis summary of the case
The ethical problem is caused by various factors. On the one hand, the satellite imagery industry is a highly attractive and fast-growing market, so all participating companies heavily rely on acquiring and keeping their clients
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HTC is currently the main business partner whom ISI is negotiating with for an advance contract. To evaluate the building progress and the satellite itself, HTC had commissioned several engineers to the company. Apparently, HTC had also contacted representatives from the two competitors Lockart and Global Sciences. If the company knew that the launch date had to be revised, it probably would delay the signing of the contract or even terminate all ongoing negotiations and business cooperation with ISI. Furthermore, HTC would begin negotiating with one of ISI’s competitors.
1.3 The role of business ethics
The ethical conflict presented in the case is not uncommon in today’s business world. Salespersons are often asked to withhold relevant information from their clients concerning product quality issues, production or shipping delays. The pressure to succeed and the fear of losing business contracts, income and job status have great influence on subordinates and decision makers who therefore often tend to practice unethical behavior. These ethically unacceptable actions are great threats to an employee’s personal integrity and long-term relationships with customers.

Business ethics have become a global issue and a widely-discussed topic over the past years. Ethics can be generally defined as “a system of deciding what is right or wrong in a reasoned and impartial

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