Case Analysis : Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Case one
1. Definition of ethical Dilemma
Ethical dilemma is the term used to describe certain complex situations that usually engage mental conflict between an individual’s moral constraints (Lind, 2011). Cases of ethical dilemmas are more evident and cited in attempts whereby one is seeking to counter certain aspect of moral code or an ethical system. In some cases it is also described as ethical paradox as one is prevented with two options each presenting itself with consequences (Carreiro, 2014).
2. Who has an investment in this situation? That is, who is impacted by the ethical dilemma?
Derek seeks to adopt technology from the previous company in solving some of the challenges he is experiencing currently. Individuals who have been impacted by the ethical dilemma, this includes both the small and the big firms and mostly Derek Evans who wants to ease his work while at the same time maintains good morals.
3. What are the alternative options (and related consequences)? You should discuss in detail at least two options and their consequences.
In this case, the ethical dilemmas presented are that Derek Evans can continue using the software without talking to the smaller firm and thus have an efficient service delivery system or he can contact the previous firm and negotiate on the software usage by the bigger firm. In the initial case, the small firm can take legal action and in turn they lose a…

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