Essay about Case Analysis : Don Anglos And The Pinnacle Company

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The answer I chose is number one, “Give him a month’s notice and terminate. He’s known as a good consultant, so he probably won’t have any trouble finding a new job, and you’ll avoid any further problems associated with his emotional difficulties and his possible alcohol problem.” Carolyn Walter, vice president of operations argued that Carpenter should be dismissed. He has already upset multiple customers and this is bad for business. Being drunk does not represent the company in an ethical responsible manner. His actions have been bad for business and there is a chance that he can continue his erotic behavior because his wife, Brenda is taking their two-year-old son and leaving him.

Critical Analysis:

1. Don Anglos and the Pinnacle Company have done the decision-making steps: recognition of decision requirement, diagnosis and analysis of causes, development of alternatives, and selection of desired alternatives. Don Anglos has decided that the small publicly held Indian based machine tool company need to join Hoilman to expand the business to gain more profit margins. The possible outcome is that is joint ownership maybe the company’s downfall due to Hoilman’s recent drop in profits that got Wall Street’s attention. Hoilman’s acquisition wasn’t likely to make investors feel better. The alternative is that this joint ownership not happen based upon intuition for possible growth. The decisions they did not do are the implementation of chosen alternatives, and the…

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