Essay Case Analysis : Conservation Warden Robin Barnhardt

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On October 26, 2015, Conservation Warden Robin Barnhardt, from Trempealeau County/Jackson County and Conservation Warden Peter Carlson, from Clerk County, were invited to Law Enforcement Employment Strategies class on behalf of providing an informational background investigation outline.
Conservation Warden Robin Barnhardt started out the class by explaining the hiring process. In the Wisconsin Natural Department of Resources, one of the first thing for people who are interested in applying for a DNR position is to visit the for available position openings. In addition to openings, there will be hundreds of other people who would be applying as well. However, according to Barnhardt, there are typically ten position openings at the most. After people apply, many candidates would be invited for the Law Enforcement Entrance Exam where most candidates will be eliminated because the agency only takes the highest scores based on their scale for a high score. The entrance exam consists of multiple choice questions such writing, memorization, policing, and situational judgments. Likewise, candidates with the highest score will be moved on to the next process which is the Physical Fitness Exam. In the Physical Fitness Exam, candidates will be tested on their physical fitness level based on vertical jump of 14 inches, agility run of 19.5 seconds, 24 sit-ups in 1 minute, 18 push-ups and over which is untimed, 68 seconds for the 300mm run, and 1.5 mile in 16:57 seconds.…

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