Case Analysis : Clean Edge Razor Essay

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Section I: Summary of the background and facts
The U.S. Razor market is categorized into different divisions, which includes shaving and the non-disposable razors had a 5% per year growth and the refill cartridge had a 2% per year growth. The growth in the market was due to the introduction and change of new products. Clean Edge razor is part of the non-disposable razor and refillable cartridge division which was designed by the company Paramount. It took them three years to developed a superior razor. The Clean Edge razor which offers a close, smooth shave using a technological innovated vibrating head that stimulates and lift the roots of the hair for a closer smoother shave.
Currently, Paramount has two products in the moderate market and value market which are the Paramount Avail and the Paramount Pro. These two products have been the pinnacle of Paramount and have allowed Paramount to have an edge over the competition with a 23% retail unit sale since 2009, Paramount Pro which is weakening because of lack of innovations. The Paramount Avail has also seen a decline in sales because it has reached its product life cycle in the value market category. Therefore, it imperative that Paramount enter the Clean Edge into the correct market segment to continue to be the leader in the market (
Section II: Statement of "Core" Problem(s) of the Case
Experts in the industry have divided non-disposable razor and refill cartridge into three segments…

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