Case Analysis : Case Of 911 Essay

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Presenting Problem: Tanya is a 21-year-old African American female who was referred by Southern Psychiatric Unit after she called 911 as a result of beings annoyed with her family and co-workers. She complained that her employer puts her in places to do paperwork and not giving her 70 hours a week. They were cutting her hours from 10 to 6 a day. She reported that she was feeling suicidal when she called 911. Before calling 911, Tanya reported that her baby father Derrick is in her brain singing and rapping all of the time. She said that Derrick works at Taco Bell. She reports that she had to have sex with Derrick to quiet down his voice; however, if she has sex with others, the voices would get louder. Tanya denied every trying to kill herself, cut herself, or attempt overdose. However, she admitted to walking in front of cars on Trick St to hurt herself two weeks ago. She reports it is "all about a ticket." She had bought five tickets for $100 for a birthday bash at Club Paradox where she was stripping. When she got to the club, she lost her check and her manager became angry and sent her home. She went to the hospital that night. Tanya 's aunt, whom she lives with stated that she Tanya has a history of bipolar and refuses to take medication. She said that Tanya has a history of masturbation, bizarre behaviors such as touching her feces, screaming when no one else is around, and refusing to bathe for the past three weeks before her…

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