Essay about Case Analysis: Business Ethics in the Work Place

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David F. Dudley

Week #1
January 16, 2009



This document presents my opinions about the cases presented in (Boatright, R.,

John (2003). Ethics and the Conduct of Business. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.)

and articles from (Ambrose, John (2009, January 16). My Own Opinion, The Washington

Case#1.1: Johnson & Johnson: The Tylenol Crisis

This case study was a powerful example to illustrate the presence of ethics within the

business environment today and the impacts they can have on not just shareholder’s

earnings, but on the public as a whole. First, we were presented with a shocking

situation. Seven people had died
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These were items placed on their shelves for sale to the public with

the addition of coupons to create even more incentive to move their products. When

Toys R Us learned of the sale and not only purchased over one million dollars of this

merchandise from Child World, but redeemed over three hundred sixty-five thousand

dollars worth of coupons, Child World was outraged. What had originally been a ploy

to detract business from their competitors was in fact a costly mistake since Toys R Us

could turn around and sell the purchased merchandise for a profit. Now, I believe in

playing fair. However, when Child World brought Toys R Us to court over this action

and lost, I believe that the courts had acted favorably not only to the law, but within the

guidelines of ethical practice. Child World had made a mistake through poor planning

and foresight. Toys R Us acted on the opportunity to save money and did so within the

confines of the law. Also, if Child World did not want competitors to take advantage of

their promotions, they should have designed them more carefully. This example is in

extreme contrast to the one where Home Depot countered the actions of individual price

gougers in the wake of a terrible South Florida Hurricane named Andrew. Instead of

hiking up prices with a sudden increase in demand for building materials, Home Depot


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