Case Analysis: Business Analysis Of Suzanne's Restaurant

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Register to read the introduction… This can also discourage young people from going to restaurant with the increasing population of seniors. Suzanne is concerned that when the group of senior citizen increases in her restaurant it might be goes to being a “non-fast-food”. Given the issue that happened few years ago at Queens around Northern Boulevard and Parsons Boulevard at New York, a McDonald manager, Martha Anderson, says “It’s a McDonald’s, not a senior centre: (O'Neil, 2014). Senior citizens occupying the benches at the restaurant making other customers have nowhere to sit and this is causing Anderson her …show more content…
Another advantage of attracting a younger demographic to the restaurant is that unlike seniors they don’t stay long and linger. This demographic market is busy with their lives starting a career or family and will only go to McDonald’s to get what they need and leave right away. More young-adult customers who come and go quickly will help preserve the “fast food concept” of McDonald’s and will also solve the overcrowding issue at the restaurant and allow senior citizen patrons to stay if they wish during the peak restaurant hours and not to have to give up their seats to make room for other customers. Offering Wi-Fi access to the technology savvy younger demographic market also will encourage them to go to McDonald’s to meet up with friends for coffee or a meal or to collaborate on a school or work project on their laptops and could be a “go to” meeting place similar to coffee …show more content…
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