Essay on Case Analysis #2

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Rongsheng Yuan
Hector Martinez
Case analysis#2

Amelia Rogers, the account director for Tassani Communication, worked with the Marketing director, Guy Johnson. Johnson informed her that Dave Burns, the creative director had phoned him to discuss the direction of the “Rust No More Muffler” project. The problem is if Amelia need to take up the situation with Jim Paglia, the COO of Tassani Communications.
Rogers, Burns and Johnson worked on a variety of ideas for the “Rost No More” project. They met to review the work several times to make suggestions of feasibility of the project. Burns was satisfied with the sketch and believed that the work could be improved smoothly. However, Johnson’s boss had some queries about
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To solve all of these potential problems, there are four alternative solutions make sense to me. Firstly, I believed that Amelia should ask Paglia for help due to her lack of experience. Since Burns was a stubborn person who was overwhelming when he disagreed with others, Paglia, as his superior, could ask him not to phone Johnson frequently.
However, it was Burns role to talk with clients about their assignment. Burns did not do anything wrong but was eager to know Johnson’s opinions. As a result, Amelia showed that she was not capable of handling the problems herself. Meanwhile, Burns might care her to worsen their relationship by contacting COO directly.
The second solution is to talk with Burns face to face. According to Amelia, she would explain backgrounds to Burns when doing their project. Burns might understand this situation if Amelia’s explanation were convincing.
However, in the case, Burns did not pick up her calls, which implied that he might not want to communicate with her. Even if Amelia had the chance to talk to him, his strong opinions would not be changed easily.
The third solution is to ask Johnson’s boss for direct advice about their layout. Their problem was from Johnson’s boss because of his unconvincing attitude. Their project would move forward successfully once they got the clear instruction from the boss.
However, employees of TC were not expected to communicate directly with clients unless they meet tactical issue.

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