Case 9-1: Disney’s America Theme Park: the Third Battle of Bull Run

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What are the key issues that Eisner must consider in this situation from a government relations perspective?

The key issues include the location of Eisner’s envisioned historical theme park. The state of Virginia is deeply filled with many events marked in American history such as the homes of four of the first five U.S. presidents, in addition to being the site of more than two-dozen civil war battlefields. Another key issue was the commotion and traffic that this theme park would create. As visitors will travel from many places to visit Disney America, Disney would have to predict when the highway will be most at traffic while putting in mind that many residents of Virginia use this highway, knowing it is already very crowded most of
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To defend them, many quotes and suggestions can easily be interpreted wrongly, especially when there are so many people against a projected idea such as the Disney America project. This was the most vulnerable communication point Disney faced, along with all the bad publicity that was damaging the brand name and image that Disney had kept for so long.

How could Disney have better anticipated the opposition to its new theme park proposal?

In my opinion, there was no way for Disney to foresee all the negative publicity and aggressive opposition it received from many. Throughout the years before Disney began building the theme park, it never stopped believing in the project, and stated many times to the public that the project would not shut down no matter what. There were a lot of people and organizations that were standing behind Disney, supporting their theme park idea from the start. It might have considered reaching out to more historians and helped them see their vision, and asked for more help in development. Disney did do this, but only after many historians and politicians argued that many parts of Disney America’s project did not portray certain historical events the way they happened. Disney then reached out to many more history

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