Case 7 - the Forgotten Team Member Essay

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Yolande` Williams
Week 3: OB Skills Workbook: Case 7 – The Forgotten Team Member
May 23, 2011

Part 1: Group Development 1. How could an understanding of the stages of group development assist Christine in leadership situations such as this one?
Christine must first have an understanding that a group is defined as a collection of people who interact with one another, accept rights and obligations as members and who share a common identity. In Christine accounting group, their goal is to compose a well-written analysis. This 5-member group is a dynamic bunch because of the different mix of personalities. Because of the dynamics, the variety of perceptions and work attitudes that affect the group processes and development cannot
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Another solution would be to talk with Mike and express the importance of the grade and ask him to participate and do the task at hand. If there is no resolution, then Christine would need to go to the professor and let her know the situation. In her meeting with the professor, Christine would need to figure out from the professor the next step to take to assure that the team members that did participate receive the credit they each deserve.
Part 4: Reflection 3. Is Christine an effective group leader in this case? Why or why not?
At this point i would have to say that Christine is not being an effective group leader. She did not address the issue with Mike not being a part of group meetings. However, I do believe if Christine addresses the problem and research effective ways to include Mike into the group then she would be an effective group leader. Mike obviously loves attention does not mind speaking to a group of people, allow him to present the groups paper. With his personalities he is sure to highlight important parts of the assignment. Not just him but the other members of the group; finding each of their strengths and making that their contribution to the

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