Essay about Case 6a Perfect Pizzeri Case Analysis

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Case 6a Perfect Pizzeria
1. Consider the situation where the manager changed the time period required to receive free food and drink from six to twelve hours of work. Try to apply each of the motivational approaches to explain what happened. Which of the approaches offers the most appropriate explanation? Why?
Reinforcement theory discusses how an individual’s learning depends on the consequences tied to the behavior. In general there are two types of reinforcement: positive and negative. Positive reinforcement results when a behavioral consequence has strengthens the probability of the behavior being repeated; while negative reinforcement results when an undesirable consequence is withheld, strengthening the probability of the behavior being repeated. Negative reinforcement is often confused with punishment, but they are not the same. The difference between punishment’s purpose and negative reinforcement purpose is punishment decreases the probability of specific behaviors, while negative reinforcement attempts to increase desired behavior. Thus, both positive and negative reinforcement have the effect of increasing the probability that a particular behavior will be learned and repeated.
If a particular behavior is rewarded with something pleasurable, that behavior is more likely to be repeated, while if a particular behavior is rewarded by a negative consequences, it is more likely to be abandoned. The Perfect Pizzeria employees took advantage of the managers due to the…

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