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CASE 2-1 BMW Taps the Emerging Chinese Luxury Markets
MAR 4503 Consumer Behavior FIU
BMW is one the largest automobile industries in the word, when you think of BMW you can surely say it's a high quality luxury car. The focus is to re-position itself in a new market. Which is the Chinese luxury market. How does a powerful company like BMW get ahead start in this un-tapped market with so much potential for growth? Leading to more global exposure and also more revenues.

(JEREMIAS CUADRA) Q1. There is often a natural tendency to assume that in collectivist cultures such that in China, luxury
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Those are just the main ones but they strive to keep the planet cleaner and a better place to live.

Make Tomorrow Today
BMW i3

(JEREMIAS CUADRA) Q3. Growth in car ownership in China is expected to explode in the next 20 years. This will, for many Chinese, involve buying and owning a car for the very first time. In terms of adoption of innovation (see Chapter 7) for these first-time buyers:
a. What type of innovation is the car for Chinese consumers who have never owned one? Explain.
Discontinuous innovation interrupts already normal routines and might need a precise set of abilities and firsthand behavior configurations. Discontinuous innovation for an organization might be able to work hand and hand.
b. The current car owners in China, comprising 5 percent of the population, would fall into which adoption categories?
Continuous innovation is minority in these case, also early adopters is the new generation in china that would implement new culture.
c. Analyze the likelihood that such growth can be achieved using Table 7-3 as a structure.

1. Nature of group 2. Type of decision 3. Marketing effort
4. Felt need 5. Compatibility 6. Relative advantage
7. Complexity 8. Observability 9. Trialability 10. Perceived Risks
d. Do you think the values and desires of later adopters in China will be different from the 5

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