Case 2: the Hr Function of Harrison Brothers Corp.. Corp. Essay

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The Human Resource Function of Harrison Brothers Corporation

1. How does McCain view her role as human resource manager?

Brenda McCain, Human Resource Manager at the Westpark store, views her position as the primary contact for all human resource related topics and issues. She has developed policies and procedures as a guideline for the hiring process and spends a lot of time managing the human resource staff. Brenda’s primary responsibilities are interviewing and hiring applicants, assisting the trainer with the new employee training classes, and administering the performance evaluation and career planning processes. She is also the sole person responsible for all disciplinary actions, which include gathering the initial
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Lastly, the ratings for managing change were on opposite ends of the spectrum. A rating of 2.0 from HR management indicates a low area of importance and responsibility. Store managers rate importance of managing change at 4.5. This significant difference could indicate that store managers are undergoing changes more often and with greater impact than HR management experience. Store managers must have a flexible sales staff capable of adjusting to any possible changes and be able to meet the changing demands of customers. Inability to adapt with the changes could hinder growth. The HR function implicated on Exhibit 1.5 considers safety, knowledge of business and managing change as low levels of responsibilities even though these are areas wherein HR is valuably needed. These areas, when given proper notice can help the company increase its sales as mentioned previously. The HR function can definitely align the employee’s belief and values to that of the organization to establish reassurance among management and staff.

5. Given the organization’s size and strategic goals, evaluate the development of the human resource function at Harrison Brothers. What problems do you see? How could its major human resource functions be improved? Harrison Brothers has seven major issues that it needs to correct to help achieve it goals. Employee turnover,

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