Case 1 Essay

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C.F Martin Case
Khyong Chan
Long Island University

The C. F. Martin & Company was found in 1833, until now it is one of the oldest surviving guitars company in the world. It is also one of the biggest producers of acoustic guitars in the US. Under the leader of Chris Martin in 1986 the company has experienced different extraordinary sales and the growth of production. The company maintained itself in the markets for decades and it became famous afterward. To continue to prove itself in the markets the company decided to expand the factory and also tried to introduce many other technologies too. Since the expansion of the factory, about $15 million were given out to the employees in profiting and sharing.

1.There are
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- Remuneration: The employees were fairly paid - Order: Before Martin took over the company; it was unorganized and lacking productivity. The smart people were roaming around in various departments instead of remaining where they should have been. Once Chris Martin made the necessary changes, he created a formal system in which employees were constantly observed for improvement. 2. Mary Parker Follett would love Chris Martin’s management style. She believed that managers sometimes have to give credit to their employees for working hard and their contribution to the company. She also liked the way Chris Martin recognized his employees by rewarding them with higher profit sharing. 3. Chris Martin is Theory Y because he is a very hardworking manager. He is devoted to his work, the company and the employees. Another example is that he gave formal training to the employees, rewards them with profit sharing and teaches them the value of teamwork. 4. C.F Martin is a closed system because there are no interactions with the environment, outside world or any changes around them. The only thing they did was focused in their work and it repeated again and again everyday. 5. Based on the lists I will have them read “High Output Management” because it teaches them different lessons about how to run the company well. For example: how to work together as a team, how to discuss issues with others and how to

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