Essay on Case 1

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The first step of analyzing this data set includes the determining of the scales of measurement (nominal, ordinal, ratio, & interval) for each given variable. Nominal measurements, as defined in the textbook, are labels/names used for the identification of an element. With the data presented in this case one can conclude X4 (First Generation Student), X5 (Gender), X7 (Ethnicity), and X8 (Personality Type) to be nominal measurements. Although these variables are identified in the data set as a number they are still considered nominal in that those numbers denote a category. First Generation Students are simple yes (1) or no (2) variables denoted by 1 and 2 as the rest of the variables follow suite with the same format. Ordinal measurements …show more content…
Quantitative, on the other hand, is numerical data that asks the questions how much or how many. Quantitative data is either an interval or a ratio; so, with the data presented here we can conclude X2, X6, and Y to be quantitative.
In the attached Excel document, I chose to analyze the X3 (Classification) variable. Using this variable I created a frequency distribution table using the “BINS ARRAY” and “COUNTIF” functions in Excel. From this table I was able to construct a bar chart to visually analyze the information. Both, the table and the chart, indicates that the class consists mostly of college juniors followed closely by seniors. Graduate students makes up the minority in this course according to the data presented. In the analysis of the Y (Course Grade) variable I decided to range the scores in increments of 10 due to the decimals in the given data. To do this I created a chart of a general grading scale making sure to incorporate the lowest and highest values in the data. The frequency distribution was created from the chart using the “COUNTIFS” functions in Excel. These values show that a majority of the class has a score between 70 and 80, followed closely by 80 and 90. With the information from both of these variables I then created a crosstab between the X3 and Y variable presented in the data set. This tabulation will help determine whether the classification of the student correlates to their course grade in any way. To achieve this in Excel, I

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