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Question #1: How would Sheryl Sandberg’s leadership style be described based on the four behavioral leadership styles? Sheryl is a very determined and busy woman. Being that she is the COO of Facebook she works hard daily to make the company function properly. She has a lot of responsibilities she has to take care of and over sees many people. According to the University of Iowa Sheryl Sandberg falls under the Democratic leadership, she practices a very participative leadership style. Sandberg spends most of her time emailing and in meetings, she feels strongly on influencing and motivating others who are apart of the Facebook team. She is very involved in the company so Mark Zuckerberg; CEO of Facebook can do what he enjoys. She
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Some still don’t think of women as an equal, or being able to run a company. Many women can run a company but also do it better than some men can, of course vise versa. If you feel you’re being treated equally you are more likely to accept a promotion and be open to the idea. Expectancy Theory is how you feel about yourself, if you feel you can accomplish the task and be rewarded you’re more willing to do so. In Sandberg’s book she describes how you will be rewarded in the end if you work hard to achieve your goals. The Goal Setting Theory is to motive people. If a woman sets a goal such a becoming a leader at her company she will work hard to achieve such a goal. Making goals is a good way to go about life, set a goal always work hard to achieve them.
Question #4: Which type and schedule of reinforcement will help women advance in business? I believe for many people it would be positive reinforcement that would help them advances in a business. If you are at work and get praised on work well done you are more eager to work and stay with the company that thinks highly of you. Positive reinforcement would say wonders about your company and make your employees trust worthy because they will like whom they work for. Many people get down on themselves if they are punished on the job; they then start to feel like they aren’t good enough. I believe positive reinforcement or avoidance is the best way to go about many circumstances. I think to help women advance

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