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Kelli Smith
Organizational Management
Professor Ann Bieber
17 May 2014
Week 3 Case Study 1. Should organizations be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived? What factors influencing sleep might be more or less under the control of an organization?
Organizations should absolutely be concerned about their employees being sleep-deprived: “Research examining the effects of sleep deprivation has found that tired workers experience higher levels of back pain, depression, and job dissatisfaction, along with lower levels of performance” (Judge 213). Being a full time student who also works full time, I have found myself trading sleep for extra studying time and the results of it are detrimental. When I sacrifice my sleep to
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They can be sent home without pay. This will encourage employees to get a good night’s sleep so they can ensure that they will be paid for their full work week. Another way that the reinforcement theory can play a role in the extent to which employees are sleep-deprived is by reprimanding employees who log into remote-access or email accounts past a certain time at night. Some people don’t know when to quit and if they can access their files from home, they may stay up late at night working when they should be relaxing and sleeping. If employees who log in past 8 P.M. are given a warning or a strike against them, it may encourage them to spend their evenings sleeping, rather than working the night away. In a positive sense, employers can reward employees who get their assigned number of tasks completed on time which in turn will motivate them to come in to work well rested and ready for whatever the day ahead holds.
I am a person who needs sleep or I get extremely grumpy. On days that I am tired and struggling to get through the day, I nap in my car on my lunch break. This makes it difficult because I usually use my lunch break to get things done and run errands so when I waste it sleeping, I feel unaccomplished and then I get stressed about not having enough time to get things done. If my workplace had a reward of a nap for work well done, I would make sure I was doing my work to the best

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