Case 1-1: Going Global Fast Essay

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Case Study 1-1
Starbucks- Going Global Fast
Starbucks is one of the world’s largest success stories when it comes to the business world. What began as a little shop in Seattle has turned into more than a house hold name; it’s a name that everyone everywhere can associate with. Even if you have never stepped foot in a store, or don’t drink coffee at all you know the name. Starbucks has spread into global markets in the last few years, and with its U.S. ventures has been received very well, even in cities that weren’t forecasted to have open arms for the corporate giant. There really is nowhere for the company to go but up, especially at this time, Starbucks survived the recession, and along with a few other businesses all across the
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it isn’t unlikely that a similar legal matter could arise in any of its foreign market. Starbucks could also face problems in the future if import laws were to change, since they import all of their coffee beans. If this were to happen the price of the coffee beans may go up, then the chain would have to increase prices, which could ultimately drive away customers. * Competitive forces- While Starbucks has completely saturated the coffeehouse/special eatery business, and outnumbers any competitors by leaps and bounds. And they have to be especially careful of these competitors in places that don’t have as many Starbucks shops taking up residency. More small corporations and even privately owned companies are popping up every day, and these places are taking notes from Starbucks, increasing their food quality and drink specials to keep up or even get ahead of the huge chain. Another competitive force to look at when speaking of foreign markets are the long standing coffee shops and bistros found in countries like Italy, a lot of people find it hard to believe that residents are going to just up and leave their favorite coffee bar/bistro just to switch to the new mainstream Starbucks in town. In order to compete and prevail with the long standing private shops, their best bet is to use a marketing mix of controllable elements such

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