Cad Das Canoas Analysis

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Casa das Canoas, is a wonderful product of Niemeyer's experience, promotes freedom, modernism, and indulgence in all its aspect. The representation of the building is provided by big concrete slabs, and a hiding away for a little floor. The curved shapes of the hill which match its curvilinear roof slabs and the rich forest that surrounds the house. Its roof is braced on thin steel pillars, this way it will not need the walls to supported it. The feeling of complete freedom is achieved on the whole top floor. As the entire area is surrounded with glass walls, it gives an impression of opening and welcoming the abundance of nature. When a feeling of retreat from the forest comes, there are two walls shaped as crescent. There is a freedom to …show more content…
Oscar Niemeyer's Modernism goes beyond the established principles of Le Corbusier and Mies, although it shares their essential qualities. Some of Niemeyer's work that defines both the International and Modern Styles are the structures of light based system and glass walls. However, there are relevance in culture and expression that were added in the making.
Niemeyer's house is very open to nature taking it as part of the overall residence, unlike that of Farnsworth house that is very conservative and avoid any encounter and conflict with the environment. Niemeyer's integration of the house goes beyond its limits allowing the big boulder to become part of his creation. This welcoming of the nature, to be part of the overall structure of the house, makes it blend perfectly to the environment.
The transparent glass walls, without any trace of curtains in it, suggest that it wants direct connection from inside premises to outside surroundings. It symbolizes the language of freedom and openness, and connection with the public. As open as it is, there is a part of it where privacy and protection can be found. The semi-basement with a good atmosphere, covered with walls and small
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It is everyone's dream to have that resting place, together with their loved ones, to live in a place where there is comfort, peace and abundance in scenery. It could be near the seashore where the cool sea breeze is present every time the windows are opened, near the lake where the silence of the river is promising, or on the top of a hill where the beauty of God's creation is overlooking. Nature at its best is always the first pick when it comes to choosing the right place to live.
Everyone's dream is the same with Oscar Niemeyer's wish for his family. He built and designed casa das Canoas to give ease and freedom while enjoying the beauty of the environment. Every part of the house is touched with the grace of nature. It is the perfect picture of comfort, peace, and satisfaction. Everything about the house is like the setting that people draw when they think of a home. Even critics and historians describe Casa das Canoas as the most remarkable example of architectural

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