Cartwright Movie Reflection

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Register to read the introduction… Mrs. Cartwright and Mrs.Pratt were friends before the money came in the picture and they did not let it come between them. In the movie the women took a trip around the world to places they always wanted to and they were just enjoying their lives. The friendship these two ladies had was an example of Hofstede’s five dimensions as well because even though they had different cultural background they did not let it reflect in their friendship. When Mrs. Cartwright died she left her car and some money with her and I felt like that was so nice of her because she already knew her situation and helped her friend get out of debt. She was also able to keep her business that she was about to lose if her would not have left her any …show more content…
I have discussed both cultural identity and bias as there are upper and lower class families as well as African American and Caucasian families involved. The cultural patterns, such as, beliefs, values, morals and social practices that were followed, broken ignored and pushed under the rug caused many problems that had to be solved. The use of verbal and non verbal communication between William and Andrea caused her to think that William loved her enough to look past her being African American and leave his family to be with her. The base of the movie title evokes its message. When prey turns to pray, good things are likely to happen. Pray mean not simply being religious but also having a grounded sense of values and a good heart that does not judge people by their income and the color of their skin (Holden,

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