Cartoon Outrage: the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad Cartoons Controversy

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The controversy in question is simply a series of cartoons which were first published in a Danish newspaper (Jyllands-Posten) in 2006. This controversy has recently been stirred by a reprinting of the article in many European newspapers in a stand of solidarity for freedom of speech. The original (and subsequent) publication(s) led to a public outcry, and sparked violent protests in the Islamic world. Danish Muslim organizations staged protests, while the cartoons were being reprinted in more than 50 other countries. Critics of the cartoons call them “culturally insulting,” “xenophobic,” and even so far as “blasphemous.” Supporters claim that the cartoons simply illustrate an issue important to current events, and the publications of such …show more content…
If you know that doing something is going to garner such a violent response, should you do it just to prove a point? That is what the Flemming Rose did. He seemingly knew there would be a violent response, yet he still published the cartoons depicting Mohammed. I entirely understand his explanation of why (as read in “Why I Published Those Cartoons”), and though I agree with his reasoning, it is still difficult to say I would want to provoke the entire Islam nation during such turbulent times as these. With the war in Iraq, with Islamic fundamentalism on the rise, is it really a good idea to pick now as the time for a Mohammed cartoon? In my own opinion? No. Maybe years from now, when we (hopefully) come to some sort of understanding between the Western world and the Islam world, then we can begin to cross boundaries and better understand each other as a people united on this planet earth, rather than as polarized sects of humans with different beliefs. We can have different beliefs, but we must begin to be more understanding of each other in order to survive the coming years. It seems that for me, in the debate between relativism vs. objectivism, objectivism has emerged victorious.

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