Essay about Cartoon As A Good Cartoon

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“Cartoon is Magic,” once heard a six-year-old saying that to her friend, who looked as amused as the little girl was. Kids in this generation loving watching cartoon as much as kids back in 1928 did, that was when Walt Disney’s released the very first cartoon. Cartoon has been apart of almost everyone’s childhood since Thursday Midnight Specials to Sunday Morning Specials. All cartoons are unique and are very different from one another but they all have one thing in common, which is to have a strong yet weak and nice but a bit selfish character. Cartoonist tends to not make a character that is completely perfect or totally bad, they always try to balance out the bad with the good. To make a good cartoon character, you will need to think about how it will look and what it will wear and what kind of personality it will have. Before making a cartoon character, the first step is to think about the audience. For example, girls tend to watch shows like Power Puff Girls, which has female figures, as it’s main characters. And boys seem to enjoy watching cartoons, like Pokémon or Dragon Ball Z, which has strong male characters. A cartoon character’s physical feature depends on its storyline. Such as if you can make a very girly cartoon character, who wears pink and is a floweriest or you can make a muscular male character with swords or some special power to protect the world. The second step is to concentrate on giving the main character some physical features, such as you can give…

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