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University Goals and Collaborative Learning Script

Host University of Phoenix has defined a series of goals that are applied throughout all programs and courses. These goals are intended to provide students with a specific array of skills and values to be successful academically and professionally.

The first of these goals is professional competence and values. Graduates of the university will become proficient in specific disciplinary knowledge and will be able to apply this knowledge in real-world applications. In addition, graduates will have learned to become lifelong learners who strive to remain informed and competitive in their field.

The information learned in each course of your program is geared
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In each course, you will be asked to communicate the ideas and thoughts that have arisen from critical thinking sessions. When dealing with various audiences when attending school, students will be asked to communicate in an effective and respectful manner so conflict can be resolved before it begins. In addition, you must be able to communicate effectively and respectfully with instructors and classmates when issues arise to resolve these issues. Finally, proper communication will allow you to get the most out of your learning experience. Learning how to communicate will enable you to solve problems more easily and communicate your ideas and questions.

The fourth goal is information utilization. Graduates will be skilled at locating and using information. Each graduate will have the tools to research issues, gather and analyze information, and use this information appropriately to address issues or inform action.

With technology advancing constantly and information being shared more quickly every day, understanding how to locate and use information properly is becoming more important. You will be asked to locate information and to evaluate and analyze it to ensure appropriateness and accuracy. By understanding the information, you will be better able to perform

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