Cars Have A Problem With Pollution Essay

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Ever since cars have been made there has been a problem with pollution. Back when they first came out it wasn 't a big deal. Because no one really had them and they didn 't have bigger engines to make smog or anything like that. Even when Henry Ford made the assembly line for his model a and model t. It was when even the normal everyday blue collar worker had one it start becoming a problem. But back then they didn 't know about air pollution or smog or the greenhouse effect. Then around the late 60s to 70s when they started making bigger v8 engines and muscle cars it started to get worse. They started to realize the effect and in the mid 70s they started to make emissions requirements. Like cars had to have a catalytic converter.and as a mass inspector (me) emissions has become a big deal. Because now cars have to have a sticker on the windshield saying if they pass emissions and safety requirements. People know it just as a “sticker”. It 's really called a Massachusetts Inspection Sticker. But don 't let that name fool you. Almost every US state has one. Air pollution is a very important. According to the gale research database “air pollution refers to the substances in the Esther 's atmosphere that are dangerous to human health or the environment.” It can hurt almost everything on the earth. Human, animals, environment. The air pollution is caused by burning fossil fuels. Like gas, diesel, oil, and so on. So electric cars can be very beneficial to the environment. It…

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