Cars Driving On Roads : The Problem Of Our Atmosphere, Humanity Created Smart Cars

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At this very moment, the amount of cars driving on roads or highways would seem to be an uncountable number. In reality, according to Statistic Brain, the number of cars being manufactured in the world exceeds 48,039,060. This number is not counting commercial vehicles, and due to the high demand for commercial vehicles for today’s businesses, the number can be assumed to be much higher.
The typical car will release an exorbitant amount of CO2, which to certain people has become too much of a problem to ignore. To counter this growing pollution problem and the eventual collapse of our atmosphere, humanity created Smart Cars. These Smart Cars replace the use of fossil fuels, as well as severely reduce the amount of CO2 emissions. However, even as these cars seem to bring about a change for the better, most people forget the cost of the Smart Car’s fuel, electricity. We may have reduced the carbon emissions created by these cars, but have increased the carbon emissions created by the electrical plants used to fuel these Smart Cars. According to the EPA website, “The electric power sector accounted for 32% of U.S. total greenhouse gas emissions in 2012.” However, the company Energy Intelligence is currently in the process of creating and implementing a system that captures the wasted energy a car expends when it goes from high to low speeds and turning it into usable electricity.
The main factor in this process is kinetic energy, or the energy of motion. When cars that have…

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