Cars Are Superior To Women Analysis

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Car’s are Superior to Women?
In today’s society there are two main ways car companies typically try to sell cars, sex appeal and safe appeal. In ads produced by Hyundai and Rolls Royce they both try to sell viewers on a newer, nicer car, however their sales tactics are different. The advertisement by Hyundai sells the car by showing its safety features, while Rolls Royce sells the car by conveying a fantasy their product is linked to. In the end however both use women in their ads. Hyundai uses women as a distraction while Rolls Royce uses them as a selling point, but in the end both depict women in a negative light. In the Hyundai commercial it shows a young boy as he ages constantly being rescued by his dad before he accidentally hurts
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The ad displays a beautiful woman dressed in extravagant clothes racing to the edge of her mansion’s drive way to meet a handsome man driving the sleek new Rolls Royce in the middle of a foggy night. The man then proceeds to drive off leaving the beautiful woman behind, this is an attempt to make viewers believe that even though the woman is beautiful, viewers don’t need her to drive a Rolls Royce. They attempt to convey that their new car is all you need, that it is just as sexy as the lady. Rolls Royce includes all these lavish details to attempt to convey to viewers if you drive their car you will be able to have beautiful women racing to the end of their driveway to meet you only for you to drive off. This appeals to the viewer’s emotions because they desire to have the sexiness of the lifestyle in which Rolls Royce is displaying to them. Sexy sells and Rolls Royce proves it. The Hyundai ad, despite its lack of sex appeal, is more likely to bring in customers. It reaches a wider range of people, where as the Rolls Royce ad is targeted towards a much smaller audience. Unlike the Rolls Royce ad, the Hyundai ad actually gives the viewer a reason to by the car. It displays its automatic break system, where as the Rolls Royce ad focuses more on the image their brand has, which in turn takes away from the car itself. It focuses more on the beautiful woman and her diamonds rather than the …show more content…
Hyadaui in attempt to sell their car displays to viewers that women are a distraction. How is that positive? As people watch the ad they may notice that their are now women in the ad, its all about the dad saving the day and the boy driving. They are both depicted through out the commercial in a positive light. But, as soon as a young lady appears in the commercial she causes something negative to happen. Like the Hyundai ad, Rolls Royce also depicts women negatively in attempt to sell their car. It at first shows off the beautiful women trying to sell customers on the fact that if they were to purchase a Rolls Royce they too could have a beautiful women like they see in the ad. However, the women is then left in the dust by the car. This is an attempt to tell viewers that they don 't need beautiful women in their life if they have a Rolls Royce. They basically convey that Rolls Royces are superior to

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