Cars Are More Efficient Then Trucks Essay

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y cars are more efficient then trucks.

Today vehicles are built in different ways such as cars and trucks for example, The physical and looks of a vehicle can be far from what the price is. Two vehicles can have different safety features, economical features, and luxury features. When I was looking at my first vehicle to buy I was looking at size and how big my first car was going to be. I was reading a news paper add and saw a Ford F-150 on sale from the dealership for a great price so I did my research on the truck. while researching, I found out safety features were amazing why? Even though the truck is consider a high profile vehicle it is probable for flipping or can be accidentally hitting other objects with out knowing. Safety features the truck had were amazing and the resign I say this is, when I did research on my truck it had twelve airbags. The front of the cab has two, the side of passenger side has a curtain and roll airbag that is also the same for the driver side of the truck. On the back end of the cab there are only roll airbags and back side seat airbags. There is also overhead airbags to protect your head neck side and basically your entire body. The more exciting fact is the roll cage that is equipped and is permanently attacked to the frame of the truck to add structural integrity. But on the flip side of that the truck is going to weight more so it will cost some money in gas to get around the town. But as for a car the safety features is…

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