Cars And Airplane Essay

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Difference Between Cars and Airplanes
Cars and airplanes are both significant inventions in human civilization, and they influence our lives in different ways. Sometimes, people choose cars to go somewhere as a form of transportation. However, if people want to go somewhere far, they usually ride airplanes. These days, we often hear people say that the influence of cars far outweighs that of planes, for they are used more frequently. However, I believe this is a misunderstanding, for importance is not just a matter of the frequency of usage. There are some differences between cars and airplanes, such as convenience, time takes travel, and environment, but automobiles and jets complete each other by playing different yet indispensable parts in our lives.
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To start, with cars, our trips will be fun and flexible. If there is no limit of time, most people would choose to travel by car, taking pictures of beautiful scenery and enjoying wonderful foods all along the journey. However, with jets, people have no choice but to sit tight, even without being allowed to use their cell phones, not to mention that foods on planes are usually bad-tasting. Also, cars can be parked anywhere they can go, but airplanes need to land at an airport, which located outside the city. In other words, cars can directly take people to their destinations; jets, however, still need to be assisted by other transportation means to deliver their passengers to where they want to go. Moreover, we often see that people drive their cars to offices, schools, and supermarkets, but such places are not even able to accommodate helicopters, not to mention jets. It is quite obvious that cars can go places that planes never do, and we cannot live without

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