Carrying Capacity Essay

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Register to read the introduction… What is carrying capacity? Compare predictions for human population growth in developed countries versus developing countries. What will occur if carrying capacity is exceeded? Carrying capacity is the number of individuals that the environment can support. Being that undeveloped countries don’t have complete knowledge of certain medicines pertaining to birth control makes couples produce much more and in return makes families that would usually consist of a lesser number now greater in size. This then makes it easier for the family to thrive as a whole due to the number of participants in tending of the land which is need to provide food for the family. In most developed countries society is well informed and supplied with education, and proper birth control methods which in return decreases the size of the family however this is replaced with the importance of the value of education which then instills morales and beliefs that the value of money should be put in a category of concern and a budget which allows families to operate on affordable levels are discovered. The responsibility becomes more taskful when money is involved so it leaves less time for a family to interact intimately and decreases chances of increasing of population. If the carrying capacity is indeed met and exceeds the population will decline due to lack of supply of much needed necessities the lack of land will occur and the living organisms of the earth will decrease until its no

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