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To: Chip & Charles Carroway, Carroway Clothing Limited (CCL)
Re: Current accounting issues, employment benefits and financing options.
Thank you for the opportunity to address the current accounting issues, employment benefits and financing options facing Carroway Clothing Limited (CCL)

1. SR& ED and Development costs treatment:

In reviewing the financial statements it appears that the development costs and SR&ED treatment may not have been recorded appropriately. The SR&ED are tax credits to be used towards taxable income and should not have been recorded as government grants. Since CCL may not have needed them in the initial years, it can use SR&ED tax credits against taxable income in the future. It is
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It may also be required to maintain a debt to equity ratio that may prevent it from taking advantage of other opportunities in the future.

An IPO offering has the potential to increase capital which would improve financial rations such as the debt to equity. The increased cash flow will help CCL pay it current payables and reduce debt by negotiating better interest rates in the future. The disadvantage to an IPO would be the potential to lose control over the company and having to be more accountable to other investors. The IPO would also require the financial statement and note disclosure to conform to more stringent requirements, which increase the cost of producing the financial statements. Financial statements will need to follow IFRS and securities regulators generally require 3 years of annual audited financials. It should also be noted that there is a significant cost to offering an IPO and it can be difficult to evaluate the stock price of the shares.

I would recommend that CCL consider the IPO as a viable on to its financing issue as it will be more beneficial in the long term. The change from ASPE to IFRS will be a short term challenge but can be overcome with appropriate professional assistance. I would highly recommend that CCL seek the opinion and assistance of a professional who deals with IPO's.

4. Employee Stock Options.

CCL is considering providing employees stock options as a way to reward its

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