Carrot, Egg, Or Coffee Bean? Essay

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Carrot, Egg, or Coffee Bean?

Facing adversity is a part of life for every human being. How one deals with these stressful situations is what defines me as a person. Do I adapt? Do I become soft and weak, or do I become hardened and disconnected? I believe that everyone goes through different stages when dealing with personal adversity. Everyone experiences being like a coffee bean, a carrot or an egg under the “boiling water” of adversity. In most life situations I am like a coffee bean. I seem to take what I’m given and make the best of it and adjust. This applies to me now more so then ever. Going into my senior year is a big step; filling out applications for college, writing essays for scholarships, and trying to keep my grades up all while also trying to “live it up!”, “Go big”, and “Get involved in as much as possible!”. It is stressful but I feel that it is all a part of graduating. It is necessary to have this stress to fully begin to prepare yourself for real life situations that I will face in college. It also brings me closer to my peers because we are all felling the same way. We can connect and enjoy each other’s company more. I feel that this stress can actually force me to adjust and leave a mark in my mind of what high school is like for me, personally. Being forced to adjust is also true with cheerleading. More so then not my squad will try a routine or stunt and time and time again, it fails. We all get so frustrated with one another and ourselves that…

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