Carroll 's Csr Pyramid And Corporate Social Responsibility Essays

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Carroll’s CSR Pyramid. According to Carroll (1983:608), “Corporate Social Responsibility related to the business performance as gaining profit from economic, obedient to the law, and ethical and social encouragement. As responsible to society, it means that profit and law-abiding are important circumstances when considering the ethical company and the scope to which it promotes the society in which it contains with money benefaction, time and talent.” According to Carroll’s corporate social responsibility pyramid, which offers many different layers of the pyramid, these layers help the enterpriser distinguishes different types of principles, which expected by society from businesses.

(1) The responsibility in economic of Carroll’s Pyramid. It is considered as the business responsibility of producing goods and services demanded by the society, then, purchasing them for making the economical profit. Regard to Novak (1996), he has definite the 7 responsibilities of companies. Shareholders need an appropriate return on their investments, which is the responsibility of companies, also, employees who need secure and rightly paid jobs, finally, customers who require valuable products at a reasonable price. Thus, this is the first business responsibility as operating in a proper economic part and stay in business. Moreover, this is the fundamental pyramid, which all other classes building upon. (2) Secondly, the responsibility in legal of Carroll’s Pyramid. The legal operation…

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