Carries Case Study Ethical Dilemma

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In the case study, Carrie's choice to accept a job with many benefits, or wait for a job that suits her belief, is an Ethical Dilemma. According to the English Oxford Living Dictionaries, Ethical Dilemma is a tough choice between two possible scenarios, which offers an individual a no win situation. A choice to take a decent job, or wait for the noble job seems to be a problem most people will face. People graduate high school, and hopefully go to college. But, if not they have to choose some avenue of job occupation to make it, and many times their choices are limited. People face dilemmas daily, however the category differs between each. The norm for each person, in America, is to go to school or get a job, and your not successful until you …show more content…
With the problems identified, an understanding of her goals, “and analyzed relevant data, you are ready to present viable alternative strategies,”(Argenti, 2017). For Carrie, we know a job is really needed, she loves to travel, and she dislikes smoking or any use of it, so taking the job is a possibility for her to accomplish two out of three issues. Taking the job would solve her problem of needing a job, as well as traveling through the Pacific area, which is addressed as her loving to travel and disliking the use of smoking. This proves that the hate for tobacco was only dislike, therefore, showing a possibility of being overlooked. Her needing a Job, and having the resume overlooked, shows how important a job was to her. While some people, are stubborn about their values, and might place them as a higher priority over financial stability, or needs. Being that current society norms place being employed as a measure of success, may force her to accept her job, regardless of her value system. Yet, the choice to work may cause her to regret her choice in a few years, leading to poor job performance, and a choice to wait for a more ethical job, could cause more problems like: losing house, cars, and bad credit. Money is needed to live, and there can be no positive outcome from not accepting the job, unless she settled for a lower paying job while she continued to search for a more ethical one. After addressing alternative strategies, the best possible recommendations are the next steps for the case

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