`` Carried Away `` By Alice Munro Essay example

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Alice Munro is a phenomenal author who won the 2013 Nobel Prize and is the “master of the contemporary short story” ("The Nobel Prize in Literature 2013”). Munro has an uncanny ability produce normal every day characters with a unique and driven story that highlight many themes. In her short story, “Carried Away” Munro attempts to unveil the mysteries of fate, love, sex and death in a unique and original perspective from a young library set in the early 1900’s. All of these themes, which may seem vastly different in some cases, create a beautifully constructed story that falls away from the cliché story contemporary writing has become prone too.
Munro’s theme of fate in this story is the extremely plot driven, and if any part of this story was missing the story would not be whole. Munro is writing to an audience that is usually faced with the constant formula of one man and one woman destined to be together for eternity against all odds; so her audience may find it concerning when the original love of the main character, Louisa, in “Carried Away”, dies gruesomely half way through the story in a tragic factory accident. But the events that take place with this love are critical to Louisa finding her true fate. The first man the audience sees Louisa have affection for is a soldier who Louisa had never met. The soldier, Jack Agnew, is overseas during the Great War and he writes to Louisa because he remembers her from his town home as the beautiful and smart librarian. The…

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