Essay about Carrie Chapman Catt : Her Own Sense Of Self And Sense

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Carrie Chapman Catt was born on January 9, 1859 in Ripon, Wisconsin as Carrie Lane. At age seven, she and her family moved to Iowa to a farm near Charles City. Growing up, Carrie was influenced by the frontier lifestyles and the attitudes that people held there. She loved to read, and through her curiosities, began to develop her own sense of self and sense of feminism. Even at the ripe young age of six Carrie was not deterred by a rude boy who was teasing her friend. She slapped him in the face because she didn 't tolerate that behavior. At her predatory school in Iowa, her independence and determination showed. In 1872, when Carrie was thirteen, she wondered why her father could vote in the election but her mother could not. She finished high school in just three years and desired to attend college; however, he father would not let her. She wanted to be a teacher, but he believed that it was not right for a woman to get a college education. Instances such as this is a major reason why Carrie Chapman Catt was so determined to gain rights for women. Despite her father 's disapproval of her attending college, Carrie defied him and obtained a teaching certificate. She taught for a year then enrolled to Iowa State Agricultural College in Ames in 1877 after saving some money by washing dishes and doing other menial jobs for only a few cents and hour. While at Iowa State, Carrie established military drills for the women. She believed that girl should be given the same…

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