Carpentry Is The Best Job For Me Essay

986 Words Oct 31st, 2016 4 Pages
Many people have jobs just because they needed one. Whether the job was the right one doesn’t really matter to some people. They just go with the flow without ever asking questions or looking back. Now other people take a long time to think about the job that they are about to go into, and if it is something that they want to do for a short amount of time or long term. That’s what I have been doing here lately and I think the job that would best fit me is carpentry. There are a few ways that carpentry is probably the best job for me. One way carpentry is the best job for me is that I am very good with my hands. Also, I am pretty crafty and I am very patient and these are good assets to have in carpentry. The first way that carpentry is a good fit for me is that I am very good with my hands. Ever since I was a little kid I would always be using a hammer or any of my dad’s tools for that matter. Anywhere I went I had a tool in my hand. As I got older, my dad taught me how to do things related not only to carpentry, but also other skills that can be used for other professions as well. One thing he taught me, along with working with my hands, was to take pride in what I do. I do have a tendency to get lazy sometimes and throw things together and they come out pretty crappy, but over the years my dad has drilled into my head that “anything worth doing is worth doing right.” I think is safe to say I have become like my father in a lot of ways, including that one. Like I said…

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