Carpe Diem: A Career In Film

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“Carpe Diem. Seize the day, boys” a line whispered from the late Robin Williams in the film Dead Poet’s Society (1989). That line became one of the greatest movie quotes of all time, and one of my personal favorite quotes. The line tells you to literally seize the day, to take the moment. One of the most important lessons ever given in film. Several films have given different life lessons, or told a story of history that everyone should know. Stories of honor, bravery, heroes, betrayal, death, and evil. These stories are why we watch movies.

As a kid, the most common question I would ask my parents was “Can I watch this?” I would be holding up some random PG-13 movie from the movie drawer. I would have already read the summary on the back
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My interest in film started to become more serious, and I was trying to decide if I wanted to pursue it as a career. The course covered basic camera framing as well as basic video and sound editing. The class just increased my love of filmmaking and I decided I wanted to pursue a career in making film. This is when I discovered the Digital Media Production lab at Tolles Career and Technical center. During my junior year I would travel from my high school in the morning to Tolles for Lab and then back to my high school for academics. The Digital Media course covered in detail aspects of lighting, sound, photography, cinematography, editing, and framing. In addition to the class studying film at home became a regular event. Even after the school year ended I continued to look up videos explaining different concepts of film and lighting effects. Watching a movie slowly started to become more of a study than entertainment. The production behind each and every shot of the film became more and more interesting to me as my studies increased. Watching what people considered were the best films of all time became a habit. I wanted to figure out how they were made and what made these films so …show more content…
My focus for this paper was about film one of my favorite things to talk about. As I’ve gotten older I’ve watched more and more films learning about how they were made. My overall goal in my career is to become a film Director or Producer for major motion pictures, and movies have become one of my favorite things. Considering how much I love movies, and that I want to have a filmmaking career it was the obvious choice to write about.

My focus for this paper was about how film has impacted my life, and how I have continued to study it. I decided to write it in a chronological order showing how I have taken my film interest more seriously as I got older. To prove to my audience how seriously my film passion is I included examples of how I have studied film. This included educational courses as well as additional studying on my own. I took these elements and added each element of my studies into the story chronologically so it was easy for the reader to follow. My story started with the meaning of film and it’s importance. It then followed how I became more and more passionate about

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