Essay on Carolyn 's Typical Daily Routine

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Carolyn 's typical daily routine begins when she drives to school, Virginia Technological University, when she is released from heads home to rest for a few hours before going to the gym for a zumba class with moms who partake in the new cardio craze class with false hopes that Zumba is the magical get slim quick routine they have been praying for. After, Carolyn goes home to begin to wind down with her studies and works on her laptop as she lays in bed. periodically straying from her studies to wander onto facebook and other social media sites. It is not until hours later that she then finally begins to fall into a shallow light sleep.
It Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00A.M. when her alarm sets off with early morning talk show host ranting about the new kardashian gossip buzz. It was not until as she reached her arm from underneath her warm sheets of her bed did she realize that the cold thin air was petrifying to her skin. Hitting the snooze button, Carolyn was reluctant to uncover to the brisk air out out of bed and begin her daily tasks to prepare for her most important day of school: finals. Her brain is racing to grasp for the facts she desperately had tried to memorize the night before while she had laid in bed until 4:00A.M. before finally falling into a short light sleep once again. She Desperately wishes to sleep the full eight hours that her body thrives for, although her mind wanders and her body is restless. Carolyn has trouble falling asleep and staying…

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