Carnage, Death, And Destruction Essay

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Carnage, death, and destruction - these were the states that the world saw Europe in during the years following the First World War. The Great War is what many historians call it, the war that only lasted 4 years, the war that left Europe in shambles. From the destruction that littered the continent came a form of literature that would cause many to look at the world differently. The novels that were produced in Europe after World War I had the author’s personal views in the books. This is not a bad thing, but when the books that were in demand by the public showed the author’s views in such a magnitude that it came to the point of forcing the reader to accept the views, this is when this style of writing met challenges. These novels also where somewhat skittish when it came to the idea of death, the authors not wanting the people who had just seen an absurd amount of death. Dylan Thomas was a teenager during this period of time but his age did not keep him from writing what he wanted, if anything his age was the reason that he was not writing the political pieces and that the pieces were filled with death in its many forms. Through his writing, Dylan Thomas rejected the political ideas and forms of other writers, featured the concept of death and its many facets prominently instead of shying away from it, and was inspired by his personal way of life to steer away from the political style of writing in the 30’s and towards romanticism in writing.
Dylan Thomas was a man who,…

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