Carmike Cinema Inc Case Study

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⦁ INTRODUCTION A. Description of the Business
Carmike Cinemas Inc. is one of the largest movie theater chains in the United States. Carmike started in 1982, when Carl Patrick, Sr. and his son bought a movie theater division of Fuqua Industries. By 1983, Carmike had 85-screen Video Independent Theater chains. Ten years later, in 1993, Carmike was still continuing to grow and expand their theaters and locations, and by the middle of 1993 Carmike had established movie theaters in 23 states in the South, Southwest, and the Midwest. They had 388 theaters and 1,560 screens in 1993. Carmike theaters are located mainly in smaller cities, where they are usually the only place to watch movies. Staying in smaller cities has helped Carmike be able
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The box office person has to sit in the ticket booth outside the theater and sell tickets to customers. The operations manager have to handle any job and have to be able to handle money. The shift leader is the person who sets up the employees work schedule and be able to work the concession, cash register, and the box office. The door person is the employee that stands inside the theater near one of the entrances to the auditoriums and takes customers’ tickets, rips the ticket in half on the dotted line and tells the customer where the auditorium is that is screening the movie they are going to watch. The assistant manager at Carmike has to do the daily operation of the theater including managing, training new employees, customer service, reporting, depositing receipts, handling patrons and employees complaints, ordering supplies, and filling in when the General Manager is off. The General Manager has to manage the day to day operations such as supervise employees, create employee work schedules, perform banking transactions, and take …show more content…
PROPOSED STRATEGIC PLAN A. Objectives and Rationale of the Proposed Plan
Using the information we gathered from our surveys, we have come up with some ideas for the employees of Carmike to be better engaged in their work. Our first idea was to retrain the employees every 3 months. By doing this the employees can be refreshed on how to do their jobs properly. The employees will have a better knowledge of the workplace, so that when new employees come they will be able to train those employees even better.
We also had the idea to get an employee bonus cash. This will be a way for employees to make extra money when they work someone else’s shift. The employees will want to take over other employees’ shifts to get extra money on top of what they would normally be paid for that shift. We Carmike employees need more engaging activities and benefits. Rewards, added incentives, and better training is needed badly.
⦁ Better pay
⦁ More enjoyable things to do in

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