Carlsberg Sustainability Statement

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Background of Carlsberg
Carlsberg was founded by J. C. Jacobsen In 1847 and is the 4th largest global brewer. There are Over 40000 employees in 2013 and 12% of Carlsberg brand volume growth in premium markets in Asia. This company has obtained about 9.8 billion in Danish Krone (DKK) operating profit.
In their sustainability report, there are three key initiatives namely responsible drinking, sustainable packing and efficient brewery and Carlsberg hope to reduce water consumption, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission at their production sites. In their policy statement, Carlsberg group constantly strives to optimize the use of natural resources, view the products and activities from a life cycle perspective, as well
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They have a clear objective that they want to offset emission of some Co2 intensive energy. However, they do not clearly show how they act to get the target achieved in the report. According to Poulsen, Tobiasz, Pattiiha, Stensborg (2014), Carlsberg would purchase the certificate to offset the Co2 emission. With the certificate to prove that Carlsberg use the renewable energy to emit so that they can reduce the Co2 emission. They did not have a clear action on what they have done .Otherwise, they just claimed that they have brought the 372800 megawatt-hour of electricity but do not have the clear action to show that .Their target is not measurable so that it is not clear to show that their target. Carlsberg should give more detail information on what they have done to achieve the …show more content…
The standard of measuring fuel consumption is 100 kilometers (, 2015). They hope to carry out the planning tool so that they can control the emission and reduce the consumption. However, they partially achieve the target as no global routes but only Western country had the tool and only four countries to implement the tool. It did not have clear information to show that what the planning is and how effective it is. They lack the detailed action and information of tool. It is difficult to show that tool has benefit on Co2 emission reduction. Carlsberg should have a clear description about the planning tool. They should also provide a clear target such as how much fuel consumption they want to reduce though the planning

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