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Carley Spicer – Paper Week 3 - Interview
I chose to interview my co-worker Janice about herself. I just transferred to a new department, so I know very little about her, but she was happy that I chose her to interview. At first glance I can see her primary characteristics include being white, being middle-aged, and she is about five feet five inches tall. Janice also speaks English and by judging from the picture of the man displayed on her desk, I am guessing that she is heterosexual. And for her secondary characteristics, I know that Janice is married, works at Zoll as an Appeals Coordinator, and lives in Vandergrift, PA.
After asking Janice about herself, I have learned that Janice is an Italian, German, and Irish woman who was raised in the Penn Hills area. She is
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The most important thing(s) I can do in this world is/are be positive, be appreciative, and be thankful for everything.
8. The most important thing I can be in this world is a positive influence.
9. Other people should understand that I love life. I live every day the BEST I can and enjoy my time.
After reviewing Janice’s answers to the completion of these sentences, I can gather that perhaps Janice has a big heart. She cares about positivity and in this day and age that is not so common. I can also sense that Janice is loves to live life to the fullest and her main priority is whatever makes her happy in the moment. I think that the reason she may try to be so positive and fun all of the time is because that at some earlier point in her life she was surrounded by negativity or deeply hurt in some way.
My answers to these questions are as follows:
1. I am afraid that I will drown on a boat.
2. I am afraid when I hear strange noises in my house and I am alone.
3. I worry that I set a good example for my daughter.
4. I need to have food.
5. I want to be more active.
6. I hope that I will be able to make my family proud.
7. The most important thing I can do in this world is stand up for my

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