Carla Tate 's The Other Sister Portrayed A Child With An Intellectual And Developmental Disability

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The movie The Other Sister portrayed a child with an intellectual and developmental disability specifically down syndrome. Carla Tate was a child who behavior as a young child her parents could not handle. Because she grew up in a rich and affluent family, she was sent away when she started to become a problem. The movie starts with her coming back home to become part of society once again. Carla is a motivated person who wants to gain her independence but struggles against a mother that thinks she needs protection.
The disability was not portrayed the best in the movie. The actors had a difficulty in portraying the severity of the disability the entire time. Since Carla was high functions the impacts of her disability had limited impact on her everyday life. In trying to move the plot along some of the details were over looked. One of the reason the portrayal was not completely there was the second half of the movie dove into the love story between Carla and Danny. The actors did not display the round face that is commonly associated with a person who has down syndrome.
Carla moved out on her own but when she came back and helped out for Thanksgiving she did not have enough skills in the kitchen in order to make her own food. When making Thanksgiving dinner Carla should not have to been watched closely. This is on scene where the portrayal of intellectual and developmental disabilities was departed from. The Other Sister had parts where the disability was forgotten…

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