Carl Jung And Sigmund Freud Essay

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Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud were both psychoanalysists and traveled together to the United States. (Introduction.) Their idea of the unconscious was different and they never came to an agreement. Freud thought the unconscious was biological and focused on the appearance of sexuality, while Jung thought the unconscious was human culture that was passed from generation to generation. (Olson and Hergenhahn, 2011.) I believe that Jung’s thoughts on how our unconscious processes and perceives information is a more realistic approach to the unconscious. Even though I believe that there could be bits and pieces of both Freud’s and Jung’s approach that could make more sense meshed together. Jung’s approach to his discovery to the unconscious is an interesting one. All of his theories and ideas started from dreams his had as a child. (The World Within.) Many of his dreams made it into a book he called the red book, where he would illustrate and draw what he established in his dreams. Many of his drawings seem to be very abstract, or seem to revolve around a God or higher power. It is understood that he was a very spiritual man and it can clearly be seen through his drawings. As a testimony to the unconscious, Jung built a tower, where he would stay months at a time. (The World Within.) The tower seemed more real than paper and ink to represent his discoveries. He used the tower to give himself time to work on his inner self, and find new discoveries. (The World Within.)
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