Carl Jung : An Body Of Analytical Psychology Essay

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Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist who established the body of analytical psychology. He stated that every person has several personalities within oneself. Basically, we can look at one’s personality from four different categories, persona, shadow, anima/animus and archetypes. The easiest to recognize is persona. Persona is a social mask that we all show to the public. We change the roles in different situations in society. For instance, a student acts as an attentive respectful person who focuses on study at a school, but he/she becomes a father or mother who takes care of a household after going back home. I also have many social roles such as a student, daughter, sister, friend and girlfriend. I switch my roles in different situations. One of my persona is “good girl”. This good girl is positive, happy, and smiling. I grew up with a positive family and have been told that “you can do whatever you want to do. Nothing is impossible.” Therefore, I always tried anything that I wanted to do. I was brainwashed in a sense to believe that I can do anything, so I have done well with the most of the things I tried. Moreover, doing rhythmic gymnastics and cheerleading made me think everything positively. During that time, I was taught that my efforts will not betray me. Thus, I tend to think positively and work hard on things because I believe that I can always get to the goal. Although I am positive and happy, my shadow is always with me. The Shadow is the hidden personality…

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