Essay on Caring for Populations

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Caring for Populations
DeWanica Parham
Chamberlain College of Nursing
N443 Community Health Nursing
Spring 2013

Currently one of the biggest topics of discussion is the state of healthcare and more specifically its availability to the masses. One of the more overlooked aspects of healthcare provision is healthcare clinics that provide STD screenings. Medical care facilities are often viewed as a place to handle emergencies, so most people are aware of the closest major hospital in their community. While there are offices that provide testing they are not easily identified or readily found in the community. With the understanding that we live in a technology based society it is often assumed that if a person needs to find
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The Center for Disease Control and Prevention states that Blacks/African Americans accounted for and estimated 44% of new HIV infections in 2010 and made up 44% of people living with HIV in 2009. Also Hispanics made up 21% of the new HIV cases in 2010 and 19% of the people living with HIV in 2009. These statistics make it obvious that HIV is a very serious health problem for the races that make up a vast majority of the community. The staggering stats presented by the city of Long Beach website, , the HIV and AIDS rate per capita is 100 percent higher than the rate for all of Los Angeles county and more than double the per capita rate of the entire state of California. Also noted by the website, the white population comprises the vast majority of HIV/AIDS cases in the city at 52.7 percent, but the black population is responsible for 19 percent of reported cases while only making up 13.5 percent of the city’s population, and Hispanics represent 24.1 percent of the of reported cases while making up over 40 percent of the population. These statistics are shocking and make it apparent that the HIV/AIDS virus is a serious problem for the city and needs to be addressed. While driving through my immediate neighborhood on Tuesday around noon there were a few things that stood

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