Caring For Patients With Hands On Care Essay

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Nurses get the privilege of caring for patients with hands-on care, enabling an intimate bond. Patients confide in nurses at all hours of the day and the families turn to the nurse for support and information. With the ever changing healthcare environment, it is the nurse that collectively remains the same (Fitzpatrick, 2015). Nurses get to know the patients and their family members, while learning their wishes and fears. It is the nurse that will pick up on subtle changes that may be life-threatening and are competent enough to save one’s life. It is with compassionate care that provides prevention of knowledge deficit, rapid declines in health, and promoting autonomy for patients to make informed decisions on their healthcare needs. Nurses not only have an impact on the safety and quality of outcomes, but patient satisfaction as well (Fitzpatrick, 2015). The elderly population requires a lot of care due to their declining health, whether that be mental or physical. The elderly, at times are considered to be an underserved population and it is important as nurses to have self-awareness when working with these individuals. Healthcare workers may have a preconceived notion on the elderly population, that may hinder a positive outcome. The thought of an elder being a substance abuser or part of the lesbian, gay, transgender, or bisexual community may not be a concern. It is important to remember, that just because they are elderly does not mean they are not like the rest of…

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