Augusta Georgia Hospital Case Study

Caring for a cerebrovascular accident in Augusta Georgia.
Augusta is known for its many hospitals, so well-known that when I was younger there was talk of changing Augusta’s nickname from the garden city of the south to the hospital city of the south. This did not happen, however the area does have four major hospitals, and two major military facilities. The large number of medical facilities with varying means of funding allows people to receive care to find quality care regardless of their insurance and finical status. Of the many hospitals the top rated hospital for stroke treatment is University Hospital (, 2015). University is also a magnet hospital, only area hospital to receive Medicare base purchasing bonus, ranked as #1 by consumer choice rewords 17 years in a row, ranked second top hospital in Georgia, ranked eighth among the nation for surgery, and has the highest rating in patient safety and satisfaction in the area (University Hospital, 2016).
Patient’s rout to University Hospital.
If Mr. Quinn lived in Augusta Ga when his wife called 911 a firetruck with a trained EMT on board and an ambulance would
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The patient receives medication to stop the blood clot from causing other problems within two days (, 2016). Patient receives treatments to stop new blood clots from forming in the body within two days (, 2016). When patient is released they are given prescriptions to stope problems caused by blood clots, blood thinners if there is an abnormal heart rhythm, and high blood cholesterol medication if needed (, 2016). Before the patient is released they are also evaluated to see if they need rehabilitation and are given pertinent information pertaining to their diagnoses, preventative care, and lifestyle changes (,

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