Caresafe Foster System Budget Essay

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CareSafe Foster Systems Budget Teresa Akers, Tara Bryant-Lowe, Charlene Carter, BSHS/373 October 10, 2011 O. Biu

CareSafe Foster Systems Budget The team reviewed the CareSafe Foster Systems Budget to see if changes needed to be completed. We asked questions that would assist in the company’s future budget to show stability and contribution gain. The company is learning what a workable budget is and the importance of it. We will give them four suggestions of how they can increase their surplus, and we will explain the pros and cons of each suggested method. We will give the company insight into issues that could occur if they do not put some programs into place. CareSafe is
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The advantage of line-item budget system is the method that make’s it easy for the administrators to view the budget the source and amounts of the agency’s revenue, and it allows staff members to view how the funds are used in terms of travel, equipment, etc. On the other hand there maybe items omitted or indicate funds without mentioning how service a human service agency provides.
Performance Budgeting Systems
This method provides information on productivity of human service programs. Such as total program cost, amount produced, and cost per unit. The arrangement of the performance budget is different from line-item budget its focus is on the amount of service provided from program to program, the entire cost of the program input and output. The advantages of performance budgeting systems are that the information provided is based on the performance of the human service agency’s how much it cost to provide the programs and services. The disadvantage of performance budgeting systems is that human service agencies must hire complex cost individuals to decide the entire cost of a program and come to a final cost.
Programming Budgeting Systems
This method is associated with the expenses to programs, measures of program results, and the cost of the services completing results. The advantage of this method is it provides information based on number of clients and results accomplished, the

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